Anti-bribery Policy

All business transactions must be made in accordance with the company’s quality procedures manual.

Employees are not permitted to give any gift, hospitality or incur any expenses in relation to a current or prospective customer, supplier or employee without first obtaining authorisation from the company’s directors.  (The company acknowledges that genuine business hospitality or the carrying out of promotional activities proportionate to the business is reasonable and notes that such activities are not considered Bribery by The ACT).

Employees are not permitted to receive or accept any gift or hospitality of any sort without first obtaining authorisation from the company’s directors.  (The company acknowledges that genuine business hospitality or the carrying out of promotional activities proportionate to the business is reasonable and notes that such activities are not considered Bribery by The ACT).

The company strictly prohibits the giving of any donation to any political party or representative of any political party, either at local or national government level.

The Company is pleased to support local charities and considers such support as being a key part of supporting the local community in which it operates. All such donations must however be proposed to and approved by the board of directors.

The company does not operate any staff incentive or bonus scheme, which may by its nature support or encourage the use of a prohibited activity.

Environmental Safety Policy

JB Builders is fully committed to effectively managing and improving our environmental performance and minimising the impacts of our business on the environment. We will do this through proactively looking at our impacts throughout project lifespans and through the services we offer to clients.
We are committed to continual improvement and compliance with our Environmental Management System.
To achieve this, JB Builders will:

  1. Meet all necessary legal and regulatory requirements
  2.  Ensure employees, suppliers and subcontractors are appropriately trained to enable them to carry out their work in an environmentally responsible manner
  3. Engage and work with relevant external bodies such as the Environment Agency, Local Authorities and Water Companies to ensure successful completion of our works.
  4. Maintain and continually improve its environmental management system
  5. Develop meaningful environmental performance indicators to measure resource use, waste and emissions
  6. Provide a well-structured and organised approach to site organisation and management
  7. Clearly determine the requirements of environmental management and assign responsibility to site personnel
  8. Constantly monitor environmental management aspects on site in a systematic way and record all environmental issues
  9. Manage our construction sites in an environmentally sensitive manner
  10. Operate a thoughtful buying policy, selecting whenever practical, alternative products, plant, equipment and other physical assets, materials and services that cause less damage to the environment
  11. Minimise and where possible eliminate the use of environmentally sensitive materials and polluting substances
  12. Minimise waste and reduce consumption of materials and promote reuse and recycling
  13. Use materials from renewable sources.
  14. Ensure compliance with regulations for noise, waste disposal and energy use
  15. Use methods of construction that are sympathetic to the environment
  16. Continuously improve environmental awareness in the light of new research and developments
    This policy will be reviewed annually, (or as and when required) by the Directors. It is briefed and acknowledged by all employees & sub-contractors and is available to clients and the public on the JB Builders.

Health and safety general policy

Construction Limited Health and Safety Policy confirms its commitment to the prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in Health and safety management and performance; achieving the highest practicable standards of health and safety on all projects with which it is associated and to providing working conditions that are safe and healthy for all employees and those under the company’s control.

The effectiveness of R&D Construction Limited Health and Safety Policy relies heavily on the competency and co-operation of company employees. The policy is communicated to all persons working under the control of R&D Construction Limited with the intent that they are made aware of their individual occupational health and safety obligations. Every employee is reminded that he has a moral and legal responsibility not to endanger himself or others by his acts or omissions whilst at work, or in the provision of any work equipment which may be accessible to others.

The requirements of the Health & Safety policy are communicated to all the employees and their involvement in the management of health and safety is actively promoted through effective and regular consultation.

The company has an excellent record for Health and Safety at its places of work. It recognises that this is achieved through the active participation, of both management and those employed by the company, in identifying hazards and risks and then taking positive action to control them. Directors or Managers may be named in individual documents e.g. Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans.

Ultimate responsibility for health and safety lies with Mr Richard S Pratt who, is supported by the company’s full time dedicated Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality manager, he is trained to and is a member of IOSH as well as other Safety institutions. He will provide advice on all Health and Safety matters to the management to ensure that the Company has a full understanding of all forthcoming health and safety regulatory requisites. He will also provide advice to all personnel on a one to one daily basis. Where required R&D Construction Limited also employs the services of external safety consultants and advisors to assist in operational matters within the Company.

R&D Construction Limited Health and Safety Policy is documented, implemented and maintained and provides the framework for setting and reviewing the occupational Health and Safety objectives, the policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate or sooner should measures need to be taken to ensure its effectiveness.

This policy is available to all interested parties upon request.